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5 Ways Microblading Can Improve Your Life

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Here are some reasons you shouldn't continue to do life without this revolutionary beauty treatment:

#1 No more buying expensive brow products

Nowadays it seems that every cosmetic brand such as #Anastasiabeverlyhills has a line of various products for eyebrows. These include #browpowders, pomades, gels, pencils, skinny pencils, waxes, stencils, pens, "mascara", growth serum, highlighters, concealers and on and on. If you've ever done a search on YouTube with hopes of finding a comprehensive #tutorial, you might have seen one person use almost all of the items mentioned above. No further need to be confused or overwhelmed by it all. Microblading allows you to achieve your idea of brow perfection, and never have to touch another #browpencil for up to two years should you care to do so. The awesome feature of microblading is that once it heals you can add brow makeup right on top if you like a more made up look and will accept nothing less than perfection!

#2 Fluctuation of beauty trends

Most of us have fallen victim whether it be the to the 90s over plucked barely there brows to go along with our overalls, or the totally removed, and drawn on black "sharpie" arcs that came complete with a fake mole and kimono type dress. Maybe you don't want painted on Instagram brows, or to follow in the footsteps of the #Kardashians with overly full thick brows that probably don't compliment your face if you are over the age of 15. Maybe you just want "your" brows, but know the way you have always pictured them every time you get in the mirror and fill them in. Well, with microblading, that is now possible!

#3 Get up and go brows

What about those days we have to make a quick run to the store, but we've been in "Mom mode" for so long putting on a hurried face of makeup is out of the question? Well now, we can still feel pretty knowing that the frame to our face, our eyebrows, are doing all the heavy lifting of making us look pulled together, and polished. Just add lip gloss and go!

#4 Be active again...all you need is brows and you're set

As women we can come up with all kinds of excuses not to take care of ourselves, especially when it comes to working out. There is no longer a need for fear of #sweating off our brows to be one of them! Some of us go so far as to let it effect our sex lives! This of course is completely absurd and unnecessary now that you have the blessing of the knowledge that #microblading exists. One appointment, and one touch up and you can excavate your inner vixen, and perspire your way to a happier love life! Am I saying that getting your brows microbladed could save your marriage? I'm not NOT saying that!

#5 Gain confidence

For ladies, the equivalent to balding for men is losing our brows. Sometimes, it's just the tail, sometimes its the fullness we had in our youth, sometimes we've removed them with such vigor for so long, our brows take the hint and stop coming back, leaving us with skinny lines only reminiscent of our more girlish days. Sometimes the brow gods exhaust their powers creating the #beauty of our faces, and don't bless us with much more than undetectable place markers from birth.

This can produce quite a bit of insecurity in even the most beautiful among us. With microblading we now have a chance to redeem our chance at #brow loveliness. Microblading can give us a boost of confidence we might have lost during our most intimate times, or during those trips to the beach or days spent poolside. Microblading might cost a pretty penny, but the ability to regain your confidence is priceless!

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