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Beautiful Self

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Illuminating the Light Inside You--an excerpt from my upcoming book PRE ORDER NOW

Excerpt from Chapter 5 : Beauty Can Be Enhanced

My approach to cosmetics, permanent makeup, and augmentative surgery is that it should shine a light on what God has already sculpted, not undo it entirely. I am a personal advocate of quality beauty augmentations that may not be acquired through hard work, and hours in the gym, this includes men correcting hairlines or male pattern baldness, using "man weaves", PRP [platelet rich plasma therapy], any kind of lift that corrects the teamwork of childbearing and gravity, tasteful breast augmentation that truly boosts self esteem while giving a stronger sense of pride in womanhood, permanent makeup that can even out the shape of ones lips, or balance facial symmetry, or even give women who have undergone mastectomies a chance to love their new bodies, and of course also under the umbrella of permanent makeup...Microblading. Life isn't easy without eyebrows, it's hard to get people to see you for who you are--they are too busy looking at the blank spaces above your eyeballs trying to picture what should be there. Just ask Whoopi Goldberg!

have to be stuck with and satisfied with physical features we happened to be born with. I am an advocate of health, wellness and as much of nature as we can base our lives upon. But I also know women, and in this Earthly realm we are walking around as spiritual beings in these imperfect skin suits that are subject to wear and tear. Women should feel beautiful from the inside because we are the ones that do God's work of healing. I'm here to help in any way I can and to point those that entrust me with influence over them, in the right direction...the direction of their most Beautiful Self.

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