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How to be the picture of perfect health

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We learn things... good for us and bad. And we don't incorporate them into our lives. The question is "Why?" I've always heard if you know better, you do better. Well on my journey to wholeness & health, I've taken many accounts of people being EXTREMELY attached to what goes in their mouths (heeey no pun intended here, this is serious, get your mind out of the gutter!) I've literally had people, plenty of people, tell me "I don't think I could live without chicken". AND THEY MEANT IT! They think they will actually die if they can't chew on dead chicken carcass. Some people fear change more than death!

I'm know it

You know deep down, that fried chicken for example, isn't the most healthy food in the world. Yet you indulge. Knowing it's bad for you, how is that even so? Okay, so let's delve further into that: Bad for you. So we know that there's foods that are so called bad, but we don't know why. They say uncertainty is the enemy of action. So they just get lumped right in there [in the compartment of our minds] with the hosts of other things we do that we "shouldn't" do, that we feel vaguely guilty about all the time. If we knew that the corn fed to the chicken was not only sprayed with, but fused with, down to its very genes, with poison created to KILL weeds, animals, and bugs that ravage crops...would we still eat it? Or is that the thing that permits our behavior, disassociation? Do you really think we are so separate from the critters (or even weeds) who are also just trying to eat? Did you just roll your eyes in contempt at such a notion? Check yourself. This is exactly what I'm referring to!

Listen, if a child has a tendency to abuse and fatally harm animals, it's used as an indicator of sociopathy. If he will kill an innocent squirrel for no reason aside from gratification, he's going to entertain the thought of killing a human at some point! This society has somehow allowed us the opportunity to separate ourselves from other mammals "just trying to get a meal" but still claim that "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". In the words of Ginuwine "what's so different? "

To bring this thought full circle do you believe that if an animal wanders into a field of corn it should die because it deserves to be taken out for trespassing...but you should be allowed to eat the (poisoned ) corn to your hearts delight? Would you defend your "right" to eat said corn? Yes. I've had plenty of people do it! People actually debate with me about being so called "free" to make [harmful] choices of what goes into their bodies. That's not exercising a right, its just clinging to laziness. "I don't want to have to STUDY before I shop, so the easy thing to do is just to buy/eat what's readily available to me."

What you know

We learn things and discover that we have affinities for things. Natural talents and abilities, and so often, tuck them away in our little obscure place that no one but our mother's know about. We leave all kinds of growth, and vast opportunities and amazing relationships on the table by not delving into that new world. We all have infinite possibilities as the beautiful Amel Larrieux beautifully sang! That's why the squirrel matters. Just like you're the same as he is, you are the same as the sun! The same as Jupiter and all the beautiful things that make up this boundless universe. We are made up of the same stuff...literally!

Neglect is costly

When we treat our bodies carelessly like when we make zero effort to be physically active, or when we incessantly dump processed sugars, cancer causing preservatives, or worse, alcohol or drugs into our systems, we show God that we are not grateful for it. You know what happened to the man in the Biblical parable who didn't appreciate being given a talent--it was taken from him. (Matt.25:28) I was sent here to tell you that the same can happen to you! If you neglect your health you will have to pay for it. The wager may be an illness, but it could also be the most valuable thing you possess! Your very life.

So much of our health is environmentally determined. In our communites there are diseases that seem to be genetic, but are in fact socially driven diseases. Doctors usually refer to them as non-communicable, but the way we interact, and have built so much of our "gathering rituals" around food, has changed that. This is where the importance of your circle of influence comes in. If your child is "hanging with the wrong crowd" would you not quickly forbid them for fear of destruction? Why, then, do we drag our feet so often when it comes to ridding ourselves of toxic influences? Yes, I understand that sometimes it's not that easy.

What if the person most heavily influencing us towards constant downfall is our spouse? Here's what I say: it's time to get real. If you value your life you will protect it. Against whatever, or whomever it is that poses a threat. If you have resolved to turn your lifestyle around, in an effort to enjoy better health, and you've found yourself sabotaged by the one you love, it's time to make some tough choices. Love is an action verb! If I love you, to say that I want you alive is a given. If I love you and recognize that the food I have been bringing into our shared space, is causing your's about time I reevaluate my love for you...especially since your life is on the line.

Food IS information

Dr. Mark Hyman puts it this way: every piece of food you eat is information. (Here is an awesome interview where he further explains). "You are telling your body what its next move will be minute-by-minute." Either it will send you one step closer to a life of energy, good sex and health, or one step closer to fatigue, equipment failure (E.D.), disease and the often rarely associated...depression.

We allow social stigmas to surround total life changes like pivoting away from the gluttony which has long been the norm for us. It's cute for us to tell our friends how we are "doing a cleanse" or "on a detox", but it doesn't seem to be the thing to do to actually follow through with a reversal of injurious patterns.

Concluding tips

In conclusion, in order to turn things around, be it your life or your diet you have to accept a couple things:

1. You will have to entertain some things that are unfamiliar to you. Some of the meals that would be in your best interest to eat, will sound strange. Some foods will sound like they taste gross! Trust the flexibility of your brilliant mind. Believe in your ability to learn new things and let go of ideas that no longer serve you.

2. Realize it's going to take work. You didn't pick up your bad eating habits in a week, and they certainly won't disappear that soon! Please, be kind to yourself. You will slip up, but if you are committed, you will forgive yourself, and get right back on track. Don't shame yourself, but also don't linger.

3. Be firm in your resolve. The incorrect things you have taught yourself about food, health, exercise, and the likes will not float away freely. Your vision of your best self will be something you have to fight for! With your mind, with those close to you, even with your own body. Expect a fight, so gear up!

4. CELEBRATE! Every decision you make in honor of your health is worth applauding! If you don't celebrate the strides you make, when your plateau hits--and it will--you will be predispositioned to relapse. Every time you choose the apple over the cookie, or the stairs instead of the elevator know that these are the building blocks for a strong, endorphin filled, fuller longer life! And know that I got your back!

Tell me your health and fitness goals. What are you working on, what is your vision for your body/health? Comment below. I'd love to hear about them! Best wishes!

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